Home Interior

Cleaning Homes: Our Privilege


What we do:

  • Top-to-bottom cleaning, tailored around your needs.
  • High dusting, low dusting, blinds, windows and everything in between.
  • Trash removal and disposal.

When we clean, we don’t clean around things – we move them.

What we don’t do:

  • Use the same mop in kitchens and bathrooms. We color code our cleaning supplies to ensure that the kitchen gets one color and the bathrooms get another.
  • Pet messes. Also, because of liability, we won’t let dogs in or out of the house.

We provide:

  • Cleaning supplies! However, if you prefer a specific brand, we can use that, too. In those instances, you will need to provide those supplies.
  • Magic Erasers®, not scrubbies, to leave at your house to avoid passing germs from one home to another.

You provide:

  • A good, working vacuum.